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Legal Costs Negotiating

Our practice of drawing a bill on every case rather than attempting to negotiate costs on schedules has proven to demonstrate dramatic benefits for our solicitor clients. Not only does it increase recoveries significantly (in some cases by over 50%), but it also protects you from the hazards of badly drawn and inadequate schedules.

Our aim is, by allocating the appropriate resources, to provide a service of equal or improved speed, efficiency and service levels compared to those who provide a negotiation service based on schedules. Our approach to Litigation Costs Negotiation saves you valuable time and money while maximising costs recovery.

By serving formal bills of costs immediately, we gain the advantage in negotiation that the paying party knows we are confident in our claim and prepared to go to Court if necessary, resulting in sensible settlement offers at an early stage and higher recovery levels.

This policy, especially when dealing with regular opponents, ensures we receive realistic offers to settle early, with the vast majority of cases settling within 14 to 21 days of service of a bill.