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Legal Costs Budgeting

Costs Budgeting is at the heart of nearly all multi-track litigation. Its true significance becomes most apparent within the Detailed Assessment process, but remains critical at all stages after the CCMC.

Civil & Commercial have been at the forefront of the changes since 1 April 2013, with our experienced Costs Lawyers assisting existing clients with costs budgeting in the pilot conducted in the Technology and Construction and Defamation Schemes.

We also provide pre-emptive Training on the changes to clients and have developed the appropriate software, allowing us to remain pioneers in this brave new world.

Civil & Commercial work in tandem with you to achieve the best possible results. Upon receipt of instructions, we work closely with you to ensure that your budget is accurate and reflective of the work that you will need to carry out. We then assist with the preparation of Budget Discussion Reports and will attend the CCMC in either the High Court or County Courts.

Once Costs Budgets are finalised, we work with our clients to ensure that they stay within phase and on budget.

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