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Personal Injury Costs Recovery

Our highly successful Claimant Practice consistently delivers positive results. We do our utmost to get the best possible outcome on each file, leaving no reasonable stone unturned. We concentrate on recovering the true value of costs on each and every file, rather than relying on percentages and statistics.

Preferring a complete delegated authority or 'cradle to grave' approach, we will recover your costs allowing your fee earners to concentrate on what they do best.

As Costs Lawyers we can undertake Claimant Costs Recovery work on flexible terms, offering a bespoke service tailored to your specific needs whilst minimising your exposure in relation to our fees.

Our Commitment

Our system for Claimant Costs Recovery will:

  • Maximise recovery of costs for the Solicitor.
  • Ensure payments on account of costs are obtained wherever possible.
  • Speed up the recovery process, with faster payment of costs and disbursements.
  • Provide a simple, transparent mechanism for the recovery of costs and our fees. Our approach has revolutionised the cost recovery process for some of our main clients.

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