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Updates, Insight & Analysis

Oct 12 2017

Court of Protection round up

The Practice Directions relate primarily to solicitors and public authorities appointed to act as Deputy; as well as providing updates in relation to fixed costs, there are changes to the practice direction relating to payments on account and the introduction of costs estimates.

May 12 2017

Symphony Legal Conference

Symphony Legal is an established specialist legal consultancy with focus on business support, compliance and direction.
They offer regular updates with regards the legal sector, inclusive member conferences and support.
Mar 10 2017

How to maximise cost recovery – FROM THE START

Most Law Firms involve their Costs Draftsmen when the legal work is concluded. The Draftsmen receive the case and prepare the bill using what is on the file. Hourly rates get adjusted, time gets added or removed and the final bill is prepared for the client to approve. The negotiations start and conclude. This is the standard process but there is an alternative.